Lunch menu


Tomato soup and basil soep with spring onions€ 6,25
Pumpkin soup with coconut, ginger and coriander € 6,25
Soup of the day€ 6,25


“Oudegracht” cheese with gherkins and grain mustard€ 6,95
Carpaccio with rocket, Parmesan flakes, tomato and truffle mayonnaise€ 8,95
Goat cheese, out of the oven, with pumpkin seeds and honey and thyme dressing€ 7,95
Smoked mackerel salad with cucumber, dill, red onion and mesclun€ 9,25
Grilled red paprika with black olive pate, rocket, sun-dried tomatoes and balsamic€ 8,75
Club sandwich with smoked chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomato, egg, cocktail sauce and French fries€ 10,95
Dutch beef burger with bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, herb mayonnaise and French fries€ 12,95

Toasted sandwiches

Ham/cheese, curry sauce€ 4,95
Goat cheese, pumpkin seeds, honey€ 5,95
Mozzarella, Serrano ham, tomato, harissa€ 6,95


Goat cheese, out of the oven, with pumpkin seeds and honey and thyme dressing€ 10,95
Smoked mackerel salad with cucumber, red onion, dil land yoghurt dressing€ 12,50
Carpaccio salad with rocket, tomato, Parmesan flakes and truffle mayonnaise€ 11,75

Hot dishes

Twelve o’clock; beef croquet, filet americain, egg salad, soup of the day, a glass of milk and bread of your choice (whole grain/cornbread)€ 9,95
Dutch eggs with bacon, cheese and/or ham from €8,75
Traditional beef croquets with bread and mustard € 8,95
Volendamse shrimp croquettes with bread and lemon mayonnaise€ 9,75
Saté of chicken thighs with French fries, salad and saté sauce€ 15,95
Portobello filled with ricotta, basil and grilled peppers with watercress salad and yellow pepper sauce € 16,25
Salmon fillet, pan fried, with wild spinach, baby potatoes, saffron and prosecco foam€ 17,95


Apple pie with whipped cream€ 3,95
Apple pie with vanilla ice cream€ 4,95
Lemon tart with orange sorbet€ 6,25


Smoked Almonds€ 3,95
Marinated olives€ 3,95
‘Bitterballen’, deep fried breaded beef ragout with mustard€ 6,95
‘Vlammetjes’ with sweet chilli sauce€ 6,95
Cheesefingers with sweet chilli suace€ 6,95
Spring rolls with sweet chilli sauce€ 6,95
‘Bittergarnituur’, combination of the above€ 16,95